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Owner: Vedrana

Bachelor of Physiotherapy and Pilates professional
Post-rehab Low back Pilates specialist

Certificates of education

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Pilates Chair Cert
Pilates Barrel Cert
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About Vedrana

Bachelor of Physiotherapy and Pilates Professional

My name is Vedrana and I specialize in Functional Pilates. I was born in Zagreb, Croatia where I lived until 2017. when I moved to my new home in Kilcock, Ireland. My first encounter with Pilates was in 2015 due to my own troubles with low back pain after my 2nd C-section. After I finished my physiotherapy sessions, my pain was still active. So, doctor suggested I go and do some Pilates. I started classes in Pure Pilates Studio in Zagreb with teacher Jelena Svalj. After 2 months of twice per week Pilates classes I noticed improvement in my posture, my leg didn’t go numb like before and my back troubles were suspended. I continued to do Pilates classes because I enjoyed it so much. I fell in love with functional technique and for maintenance reasons. During that period of time I had absolutely NO problems with my lower back. And, by the next summer I had the best abs ever. Pilates method inspired me to become Pilates teacher, so I started teaching classes in Pure Pilates studio. My classes are based on functional movement, which I can explain as movement with a purpose, movement that takes into considerations starting from neutral posture and focusing on movement mainly with our ball and socket joints- shoulder and hip joints. This methodology is focused on maintaining natural spine alignement and overall body posture through functional movement patterns. I am continuously educating in spine health and safety and that makes my classes safe as well as challenging. Due to my education path I consider myself Teacher/Therapist and structure my classes accordingly. Principles of spine safety and functional movement are base of my teaching.




Tae bo Teacher Course, Zagreb, Croatia, 2004

Aerobic Instructor Course, Croatia, 2006

Honours Bachelor degree in Physiotherapy, University of Applied Sciences, Zagreb, January 2016

Teacher Certificate in Mat Pilates, Stott Pilates, Dublin; June, 2019

Course McGill Method- Back mechanic: Working with back pained client; Cardiff, October 2019

McGill Method- Level 3, High performance training & Progressing backs from pain to performance; Cardiff, October 2019

On line workshops with Rebecca Leone, Portfolio Pilates, Spine Safe methodology; October 2019

Reformer 1, Certificate of completition,  Balanced body @ Pilates performance Ireland, February 2020

Pelvic Floor & Core Foundations with Michelle Lyons, February 2020

Pilates and Osteoporosis, with Sarah MacLachlann, May 2020

Prenatal & Postnatal Pilates with Sarah MacLahlann, June 2020

Scolio Pilates Module 1, Pilates for scoliosis, January 2021

Roll model method training, March 2021

Pilates Chair Instructor training, Balanced Body, April 2022

Pilates Ladder Barrel Instructor training, Balanced body, April 2022

"Be in control of your body, not at it's mercy."

Joseph H. Pilates

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