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Ok, let’s break it down. What does FUNCTIONAL actually means?

I will write no definitions but explain it the fun way. Function is everything you do in a day. Getting out of bed, sitting down on your toilet seat, getting up from toilet, washing hands, brushing teeth, calming hair, washing hear, taking shower, taking bath, getting in a tub/shower booth, getting out of shower booth/tub, getting in your car, getting out of the car, getting on the bus, getting off the bus, going shopping, pushing trolley, carrying basket, carrying basket + groceries, putting groceries in the basket, reaching or ducking to pick up groceries. Carrying a child, walking alongside your child holding hands, picking up your child. Walking up the stairs, sitting down in a chair etc. You get the point, everything you do in your day is a FUNCTIONAL ACTIVITY, because we are humans and humans FUNCTION on a daily basis.

What is PILATES?

System of exercises developed by German man, Joseph Pilates, during his stay on Isle of Men in the 20th century. It is a system designed for strengthening the muscles of your core, muscles which Pilates called your “powerhouse”. Joseph Pilates named this new system “Contrology” as it is based on mindful, controled movement in order to achieve greatest benefits of the exercises.


It is Pilates metodogy based on modern research about body and its movement. It takes into consideration “natural” alignement of your body parts and most appropriate movements that help to promote good posture. It especially takes into consideration spine anatomy and spine sparing movement (movements that do not hurt the spine). It enables you to do low impact exercises focused primarily on building endurance and strength.


Because in classes of Functional Pilates you will not only exercise for exercise sakes, but learn right strategies of movement that put least pressure on your spine and other joints. Those movements all translate into your everyday activities. In other words, your everyday movement gets better, easier and less painfull.

In the end.... Why Functional Pilates with VEDRANA?

For every single exercise that you do in my class, you can ask me its practical implication in daily life and I will have an answer for you. Nothing we do in Functional Pilates classes is just to get full hour go by, but with intentional movement and a background story. I know what I am offering you and I stand by it.

Start or Restart your Pilates story today with Pilates by Vedrana.

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